How Brand Destinations Are Intoxicating the Drinks Industry

Matthew Iovane

December 8, 2022

Drinks Industry

Increasingly, transnational corporations are making major investments in the drinks industry. These investments include brand sponsorships in motorsports and on the road. This article explores how these initiatives may affect public health and road safety.

On-premises vs. off-premises vendors

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Alcohol brand sponsorships in motorsports

Whether a race fanatic or a casual beer connoisseur, you’re probably familiar with the F1 Monaco Grand Prix. However, this is the granddaddy of them all, a behemoth that draws an estimated 500 million spectators annually. This is where alcohol brand sponsorships come into their own. It’s not just about the big bucks. Keeping your competitors on their toes is a challenge in any sporting event. Fortunately, a few well-funded organizations have found a way around this problem. The resulting products and services are a tasty concoction. It’s not hard to see why these products have become so popular. These products are used in work and play and are indispensable to maintaining the highest level of performance.

Motorsports are a great place to promote your product and services if you can find out where to look. As a result, your competition will be impressed, and your sales will be bolstered.

Transnational corporations have concentrated the market in the beverage sector.

Across the world, the food and drink industry has transformed. Transnational corporations have displaced governments and have taken over many sectors, including the beverage sector. These companies are replacing traditional systems, which have been deeply rooted in social and cultural life. They are also increasingly making use of health claims on soft drinks. These claims are usually reformulated to contain substances chemically identical to micronutrients.

This has led to an oligopoly of alcohol firms. The resulting concentration of profits and advertising spending power fuels the industry’s capacity to sell alcohol at lower prices than the competition. This is a threat to consumers. A recent report identifies several priorities for solving competitive challenges in beer, wine, and spirits markets. Among them are a strengthened review of horizontal consolidation, reform of post-Prohibition era regulations, and enforcement of trade practice rules against exclusionary conduct.

While there are many positive aspects to the global food and drink industry, there are also some negatives. The food industry has experienced market concentration, which can negatively affect small businesses and consumers. This concentration fuels political lobbying power and the concentration of advertising spending. It can also stifle market access for newcomers. It may also create distrust between processors and trade customers.